“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
-Soren Kierkegaard, Private Journal (1843)

By the time children have become teens, they have experienced the formative role of the affections and intolerances, approval and consequences, freedoms and restrictions of their particular family culture. As teens’ lives outside the family expand, so do these dilemmas.

Adolescents are at a stage of identity development in which there is a tension between a bond to the family and a natural process of individuation from the family. Sometimes ambiguity toward family relationships during this stage of development scares parents.

I facilitate a process for teens to broaden understanding and accept greater personal ownership. This therapeutic relationship can act as a catalyst for healing changes in patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior, family relationships, and social decision-making, we also are happy to offer an Online Peer Support Group service.

I also coach parents to respond to their teen’s emotion in ways that nurture confidence, responsibility, and positive social behavior. I encourage creative and playful parenting and confront misguided beliefs about problems and the teens who experience them.

I specialize in facilitating supportive and directive family therapy sessions to address problems relating to attention, behavior, anxiety, depression, anger, social identity, coping with chronic medical conditions, divorce adjustment, and parenting struggles.

I have provided therapeutic services with children, teens, and their families in residential treatment, outpatient clinics, school-based therapy, and churches since 2001.

I work with guys and girls, individually, with parents, and with entire families. To consider whether individual or family sessions may be the best fit, view the page Individual vs. Family.

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