Counseling Group

“I have seen…people become significant and creative as they have developed more trust…within themselves and have dared to feel their own feelings, live by values which they discover within, and express themselves in their own unique ways.”
-Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person (1961)

Rigid habits and relationships have the power to maintain rigid beliefs and emotions. Likewise, our rigid beliefs and emotions have the power to maintain rigid habits and relationships. Such structures of power in our lives are not easily reshaped. Group therapy offers a unique and effective format for confronting and reshaping our direction in life.

Individuals join groups struggling in the face of difficult relationships and responsibilities. The therapeutic process is designed to stir up new courage and confidence.

Honesty and vulnerability in therapy groups provides opportunities to address pain and frustration and our responses to them. During this process, individuals receive emotion coaching so that emotions can heal and change.

Group interactions are infused with everything from trust to skepticism, respect to discomfort. Over the course of a therapy group, myths that we live by are confronted so that beliefs about identity and change can be experienced in a new way.