“Human development toward wholeness is, I believe, always the product of a certain synergy between human potentials, given in creation, and the presence and activity of Spirit as mediated through many channels.”
-James Fowler, Becoming Adult, Becoming Christian (2000)

People seek spiritual direction for many reasons. They may feel spiritually homeless, looking for meaning and purpose in their lives against an experience of emptiness. Or, they may be seeking out healing, carrying a burden from a past relationship or having been down a path of self-destruction. In any case, these individuals desire what might be called wholeness.

During spiritual direction, a person may face the troubling thing yet to be faced, express what has been forbidden, or somehow move forward in the midst of fears and uncertainties. A person must be prepared for openness, vulnerability, and readiness to follow a Spirit who offers an open door to those who knock and direction to those who seek.

In facilitating spiritual direction with clients, I view my role as a kind of coach, providing a compassionate presence, engaging anxieties and emotions toward understanding and acceptance, and encouraging change processes that promote responsibility and courage.

I am a Christian and have been licensed as a Christian minister since 1998. Over the past couple of decades, I have served on staff at several churches in ministry leadership roles. My personal faith in Jesus Christ and understanding of scriptural guidance found in the Bible instructs my view of spiritual direction, healing, and maturity.