To Have & To Hold |
Becoming Emotionally Responsive in Marriage

Session 1: The Heart’s Reasons
Session 2: Armageddon
Session 3: Ever After


A workshop for engaged and newly married couples providing marriage education and relationship coaching. This workshop helps couples negotiate through conflict, nurture security and intimacy, and move toward an emotionally responsive marriage.



Making Changes That Heal | Resolving Truth & Grace for an Abundant Life

Session 1: The Big Picture
Session 2: Let’s Get Specific
Session 3: Surrender


A workshop for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, family and relationship stress, addiction, or life transitions. This workshop provides care and coaching for those in the midst of struggle and sorrow. Blake has been a licensed Christian minister since 1998.


FLY! | Navigating Hurting & Healing

Session 1: All Systems Are Go
Session 2: Turbulence
Session 3: Myth of the Hero

A workshop for teens overwhelmed by worry, sadness, self-criticism, anger, conflict, and family stress. This workshop teaches teens about the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, and actions and promotes changes to move them from hurting to healing.



Round & Round We Go | Becoming an Emotionally Responsive Parent

Session 1: The Nuclear Family
Session 2: Do You Hear Me Now?
Session 3: The Strange Situation


A workshop for parents anxious for change in the tug of war of family life. This workshop reveals a bigger picture of family emotion, offers guidance through conflict and connection, and casts fresh vision rooted in psychological theory and Christian truth.

For booking, email edwardsfamilytherapy {at} gmail {dot} com.