7 Ways Psychotherapists Get in the Way of Psychotherapy

If a psychotherapist is lifeless or their technique too technical, their efforts to help may be worthless.


The Unruly Path of Healing After an Affair

The way forward must be a path that moves a couple toward safer, softer, and more emotionally responsive interactions.


Wizardry: On Transformative Experience & Meaning-Making in Psychotherapy

While Freud analyzed drives and unconscious wishes, Frank Baum spun Dorothy into a Technicolor dream to help new friends find the brains, heart, and courage they thought they were missing and her own way home.

Two Roads Diverged from a Poem: Revisiting “The Road Not Taken”

The meaning in Robert Frost’s poem has been widely hijacked by shallow interpretation. In the actual poem, the traveler expressed sorrow that he could not travel both roads and confessed he could not see very far down either one.


Shhh! 3 Frequently Misinterpreted Introvert Behaviors

I listen more than I talk, and I think before I speak. I am generally quiet, and my silence can easily be mistaken for disinterest or worse.


Parenting with Discipline: Nurturing Two Fundamental, Equally Necessary Needs


10 Steps to Becoming a HIPAA Hipster

Scale of 1-10: how hip a HIPAA hipster are you?


Foster Kids: Lies, & Truth

We have been asking the wrong question.


You’re a kid. Go play!

We all—especially our kids—have a built-in need to be playful. As we lower our guards and heighten our senses, we all learn and grow.


Leap of Faith: Freedom and Responsibility on the Journey Toward that Self Which One Truly Is

Life is a journey with critical stages of choosing.


Person in the Center: Mental Health Care Transformation from Asylums to the ACA

Historical perspective reminds us how far we’ve come and how important our person-centered values continue to be as we shape the future of health care.


7 Mind Altering, Marriage Boosting Relationship Remedies (#5 never fails)

Couples must develop freedom within felt pushes and pulls of powerful forces in their relationships.

person-centered-processPerson-Centered Process: The Soul of Therapeutic Change

We live in fear or dread or courageously in spite of them. Therapy stirs courage.

sensory-ecologyParenting & the Sensory Ecology of Child Development

Children’s senses are faculties in an intricate ecology of sensation, perception, emotion, and more.


3-reasons-to-be-the-change3 Reasons to Be the Change You Wish to Feel

Though it’s easy to become stuck in them, we need not play puppet to our feelings.


intergenerational-flowIntergenerational Flow: Family and the Forging of Identity

A family is a dominant maker of meaning in our lives.


no-holds-barredNo Holds Barred: The Irony & Dignity of Couples Therapy

As couples become disciplined in their conflict, their love grows.


opposite-sides-300x200The Crucial Choice Every Struggling Couple Must Make

A couples counselor can help facilitate healing in a relationship, but for healing to happen, both partners must be invested in taking steps toward each other.


3-good-reasons-to-believe-couples-therapy-can-help-you3 Good Reasons to Believe Couples Therapy Can Help You

Some conflict in relationships is normal, but many couples get trapped in spirals of misunderstanding, judgment, and underappreciation. Therapy can help.


counseling-vs-therapyWhat is the Difference Between Counseling & Therapy?

Although some distinguish “counseling” from “therapy,” terms often used interchangeably, regulatory language does little to draw clear distinctions.


Swinging a KidSeven Indispensable Parenting Skills

Parenting should stir confidence, connection, and character.


reconciliationfistbumpHow Color and Culture Separate Us, and Why We Must Come Closer

Only in relationship can we transform our misperceptions.


therapist-on-phone-with-notes-e1457463895467Why Collaboration Is Essential In Mental Health Care

When mental health clinicians work together to achieve desired treatment outcomes, everybody wins. Here are some of the hallmarks of collaborative care.


AAAlcoholics Anonymous Taught Me A Vital Lesson

The day I visited an AA Meeting, I learned an important lesson on vulnerability and the life-giving power of humility.


Whole Person ArtTherapy is a Complex Emotional Experience

Therapists escalate distress by asserting too rigid a modality or too rational a mindset.


Old relaxed man, looking through glasses, Varanasi Benares IndiaWe Are Continually Being Shaped By What We Do

Each moment, little by little—and sometimes lot by lot—we are becoming what we do.


Hear Me, Love MeHear Me, Love Me: Explosive & Withdrawn Behavior in Kids

Parenting children with problematic behaviors requires steady guidance and discipline but also a healthy dose of acceptance, empathy, respect, and love.


Parenting with DisciplineParenting with Discipline: What Type of Parent Are You?

Anyone can discipline a child, but disciplined parenting can make you more effective in promoting desired behavioral changes as well as character growth.


Secondhand HurtSecondhand Hurt: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

The devastating effects of domestic violence exposure on children warrant closer examination—and action.


Confident CoupleBe the Change You Wish to See in Your Marriage


Girl with Back TurnedAbsent Fathers & the Implications for a Child’s Well-being


Angry Young WomanWhat Kind of Angry Are You?



Men Climbing RockProfessionals on the Road Less Traveled


Hurting Girls.phpThe Dynamics of Abuse Within Families & Relationships



VSatirArticleRemembering Family Therapist Guru Virginia Satir


yellowjacketBreaking the Vicious Cycle: 5 Family Therapy Interventions



handlightcandle10 Essential Elements of Carl Whitaker’s Theory & Therapy



Wilderness TherapyExperiential Therapy Versus Intellectual Nagging


A Story Unfolding Image.phpA Story Unfolding: Changing the Paradigm for Trauma-Informed Care


SevenPrinciplesBGE.phpSeven Principles for Responsive Parenting


Playful Family.phpMore Playfulness Means More Togetherness

There are many positive benefits of being playful with your children–for the children and for the family.



Marital Conflict Image.phpNavigating Impulse, Anger, & Overreaction in Relationships

When conflict emerges within a relationship, meaningful resolution rests on respectful and validating discourse.


topic-expert-blake-edwardsMeet the GoodTherapy.org Topic Experts: Blake Edwards

Interview with GoodTherapy.org’s Managing Editor, Rob Wieman.


couple-holding-hands-outside-officeTherapeutic Priorities in Marriage Therapy

The effectiveness of couples counseling rests in part on four areas of therapeutic exploration: power, affect, creativity, and truth.

Three Layers Therapeutic Vision PhotoThree Fundamental Layers of Therapeutic Vision

In my view, there are three essential layers therapists focus on to guide effective therapy and empower real healing and change.

Foster Parenting RulesRules of Engagement with Foster and Adoptive Children

Consider these rules when managing the behavior of kids who have experienced abuse and neglect.

child-doing-multiplicationThe Teachable Moment: Becoming Emotionally Responsive in the Classroom

Learning itself is a neurobiological process, distinct from other aspects of personality. Yet, laying an effective foundation within a classroom community that optimizes learning is a psychological enterprise.
 Parenting Style Photo

Children in the Balance: Should You Rethink Your Parenting Style?

Clear expectations and firm discipline alongside accessibility, affection, and responsiveness is a recipe for successful parenting.

Pink Elephant Photo
The Pink Elephant of Perception

Could it be that the course of our existence is determined on a far broader scale than we could have imagined?

Resolution to Change Photo
Resolution to Change: A Process View of Therapeutic Transformation

Change demands great preparation and care and patience.

Therapeutic Play.phpTherapeutic Play: A Tool in Nurturing Attachment

Play therapy coaches foster and adoptive children in a journey of defragmentation, meaning making, and identity formation.
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